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                 119 4 H G K N A C D F E B 14K GOLD FRESHWATER PEARLS ITEMS A-D A. $199 Yellow gold with white fw pearl necklace, also available in white gold white fw pearl and rose gold with natural pink fw pearl B. $179 White gold white single fw pearl necklace C. $179 Rose gold pink single fw pearl necklace D. $179 Yellow gold white single fw pearl necklace E. $199 14K Yellow gold F. $129 10K Yellow gold G. $369 14K yellow gold 30 mm hoops H. $69 14K yellow gold 6 mm ball earrings, also available in white or rose gold J. $299 14K yellow gold, also available in white and rose gold K. $219 14K yellow gold bar ring L. $329 14K yellow gold flat bar bolo style bracelet M. $199 14K yellow gold N. $229 14K yellow gold M THE FASHION EDIT J L 

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