Page 20 - Hudson Jewelers Look Book
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TheTop TrendsPD10182-4YSCPD10182-4PSC 1 24TWO3017RG10052_0YRG10053_0R RG10054_0W2 RG10055_0YFR1044 FR1045Y FR1045RRG10059_4Y3 5PD10032_4YWB6131ERG10038_4RFP141520FP1408FP1430YLove’s Crossing (pages 4-5)Pendants, earrings and bracelets that symbolize the way you and your love’s paths in life are intertwinedDainties and Petites (page 8-9, 20)Big and Chunky has ruled for a while, but we’re now seeing the trend turn to smaller, more delicate looks. Petite is in!Twogether Collection (pages 10-13)Our Twogether Collection of Two Stone designs offers a wonderful way to celebrate your relationship with two perfectly matched diamonds that symbolize your love for one another.North South Lariat Pendants (pages 22-23)Multiple layered pendants with east-west con gurations are now being replaced by Lariat pendants that have a north- south orientation. Think long!!!Stackable Everything (page 26-27)Bracelets, necklaces, and now rings that stack have become all the rage, whether in making a fashion state- ment, or creating a bridal look that’s completely your own.

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