Page 21 - Hudson Jewelers Look Book
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NK10016-4WFNK100016ER10114NK0669 FR4155_75ER10163-4WBFP4155_75RG102188 79ROL1030YG10ROL1236YNAMS1017AMS1001AMS103721Rhythm of Love (pages 18-19)Our truly amazing collection features a patented mounting that allows a diamond to move continuously, powered by something as small as the tiny impulse of a heartbeat, creating a sparkling display of brilliance.Baguettes (pages 8-9)Illusions (page 14-15)Baguettes are back and in a whole new way. Designed to create the feeling of a large single diamond with the emphasis on high style.New ways of increasing the bling in clusters of diamonds are a huge hit, as both re ector plates and multi-stone caps are this year’s biggest diamond trend.D.B.T.Y. (page 6-7)Our DBTY andGiulia Collection designsoffer a wonderful way to celebrate your relationship with two perfectly matched diamonds that symbolize your love for one another.Men’s Fashion (page 32)Sophisticated and exciting, these Steel, Titanium and Tungsten styles are sure to enhance any gentlemen’s distinct style.

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